Alarming Truths About Burglars

There is almost no worse feeling than coming back home to find that your entire home has been ransacked. It’s not just that horrible feeling in your stomach that comes from losing such valuable or sentimental possessions that knocks your for six, but also that feeling vulnerability that is created by having unknown burglars break into your safe space, your home, the place where you and your loved ones lay there heads at night to rest. Once this has happened to you, once you have experienced this disgusting and abhorrent feeling violation it may take you a long time before you can comfortable sleep again in your own bed.

The best way to avoid this feeling or anxiety from happening is to do your best to ensure your home is never broken into. Of course, that is not something that any company could 100% guarantee, but by improving the security of your home you will not only deter the burglar from even targeting your home but you will also increase the chance of catching a burglar and bringing him/her to justice should they foolishly attack your home.

burglar break in

Know Thy Enemy

Aside from using a reputable security company, like Phoenix Home Guard, it can also be useful to understand a little about the mindset of the average burglar.

Burglary and home invasions are becoming more sophisticated in some cases. Generally, the intruder is not there to hurt, but just to steal your belongings. So, it’s probably safest to comply should such a horrible situation occur where you are at home during an intrusion. Some alarming facts for you:

  • Looting occurs every 13 seconds. This research was carried out by a university. This detail includes both robberies and burglaries throughout the US.
  • Most burglars can break into a home within 60 seconds.
  • More sophisticated and career criminal burglars use tools and planning to attack a home. They may bring things like a hammer, crowbar or screwdriver to speed up and ease their entry into the home.
  • Burglars prefer to target homes which have a lot of foliage for hiding and poor lighting which allows them to scout a home more easily and break in undetected.
  • Pro burglars target the master bedroom first. This is where most of the valuable things like jewelry and cash are likely to be stored. It’s often unlikely for a camera to be installed in this room as well.
  • Most burglars look for homes without security systems since they are easier targets.
  • Most burglars aren’t looking for fights; just your money. This is why they wait till you’re out or asleep.
  • Burglars often only spend an average of 10 minutes in your home. This way they can escape before the cops show up.
  • Some intruders take advantage of the fact that people leave spare keys lying around.
  • More sophisticated burglars can simply follow you on social media and calculate your routine or see when you go on vacation which gives them a window of attack.


By using a professional home security system and displaying common sense you can effectively deter burglars and remove most vulnerabilities in your home’s defense. If you spam twitter or Facebook with messages about how excited you are to go to Hawaii for two weeks but you’re sad to leave the dogs behind with your next door neighbor, then you have created vulnerability in your home’s security. The burglars know that your home is empty for two weeks, the dogs are gone and there could be a spare key left there for the neighbors.

If you would like more information about how to protect your home or you’re interested in getting a professional security system for your home then get in touch with us today!