Top Tips for keeping your home safe

Tips for keeping your home safe

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Statistics prove that a burglary happens in U.S every 15 seconds. A burglary at home can devastate you and your family. You are at risk of not just losing your valuables but you can also be harmed by the intruders. Keeping your home safe and secure is easy and all you need to do is to install a good home security system with advanced features.

One of the first things that a burglar notices in a home is a lack of security systems that can help safeguard it against any kind of intrusion. You may be surprised to know that most home burglaries happen during the daytime when you are away for work. The burglars know that you have left your home without adequate security and this makes your home an easy target.

Burglars may not risk entering a home that is well protected. You may be able to substantially reduce the risk of theft when you choose a good home security system. Keeping your home and family safe should be your top priority. You can choose from the different types of security systems depending on your individual needs and budget.

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are important if you want to have a have an effective home security plan in place. These systems increase the risk of getting caught and this can deter burglars from targeting your home. If there is a visible alarm sign placed near the entry point of your home, it can act as a big deterrent.

The alarm system needs to be properly installed and maintained for it to work effectively. Most modern alarm systems may also operate as a fire/smoke alarm as well as a burglary alarm. This ensures that you are alerted if there is any kind of danger to your home from theft or fire. As the alert is sent within minutes of a break-in you may be able to prevent any kind of loss by responding quickly.

The type of alarm system you choose to buy may depend on the local crime in your vicinity. Check to see if there are any troubling activities in your area and make the choice of security systems based on your observations. Choosing systems with advanced features can greatly enhance the security of your home and family.

Wireless Alarm Systems

They are battery powered and do not require any kind of drilling or wiring. They can be easily installed and do not require much of maintenance. You can install it on your own or have it done by a professional. The wireless system works even if there is a power outage or even when the telephone and broadband connections are tampered with.

The advanced features of these alarm systems send an alert within seconds of a break-in. The alarm is sent to the smartphone, email address or any other system you choose. You can also choose to alert the local law enforcement officers for a quick response.

Video Surveillance

Burglars may choose not to target homes that have video surveillance as the risk of getting caught increases substantially. You can choose to install cameras at vulnerable entry points. Cameras at vantage positions can help cover the entire property. This can help in monitoring any kind of movement on the outside of your home.

The advanced video monitoring systems are sleek and inconspicuous and can easily blend into any kind of background. The installation is really simple as there are no drill holes in the walls. The advanced features enable you to record specific dates and times. These features are really useful if you are on vacation with your family. The custom alert features enable you to change the angle of the camera and its settings remotely.

The latest home surveillance systems can alert you in case of emergencies. These include burglary, child safety, carbon monoxide, fire, flooding, medical emergencies and natural gas detection. These alerts ensure that you are able to keep your family safe in all circumstances.

Mobile Access

All the latest home security systems provide mobile access, so that you may be able to control it using a smartphone or any other web enabled device. This can help you arm or disarm the security device remotely, check visitor activity and control the thermostat. Apart from this you can also change codes, view video snapshots, manage advanced monitoring setting and receive custom alerts and notifications.

Motion and Entry Sensors

The sensors that are placed on the property can easily detect any kind of movement and alert you to the possibility of intrusion. Entry sensors can be placed at doors and windows to help protect your home. If someone tries to forcibly open a door or window an alert is sent. This can enable you to check for any kind of intrusion and take suitable action.

The quick alert can enable you to take immediate action and prevent any kind of burglary. If something goes wrong, then a panic button can activate a silent alarm and this can alert the security company. This can help protect your home even when you are away. If you have pets, you can opt for pet immune sensors so that you do not get false alarms.

With so many security system companies offering their products and services, you need to choose wisely. As they are available in different price ranges depending on their features, you can make the choice based on your budget. If budget is not a constraint, it is best to opt for a customized security system that is installed depending on your individual needs and requirements.

Keeping your home safe is easy if you have different levels of monitoring. When you start monitoring your home 24/7 in different ways, you may be able to prevent any kind of theft. You may be able to connect to a monitoring center within seconds that this can enable you to enjoy a remarkably faster response time. Keep in mind the needs of your family and home when you choose the best available home security system.


The more well guarded your house appears to be, the more likely it is to deter a would-be burglar. Even simple things like leaving the lights or TV on a timer can be enough to provide an illusion that someone is at home which could deter the thief. In the case of a determined thief, it is best to have the most reliable security equipment around which can aid in tracking the perpetrator down and leading him to justice.

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